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Tell a friend World Water Day Adopt a water place Water wise action Be informed

Tell a friend

Email a friend about the Water Matters Connection. Choose an activity from the website you'd like them to look at. You can add your own message telling them about what you've been learning about water.

World Water Day event

Organise an event for World Water Day (22 March) to educate people in your community about a water issue. More details and ideas for World Water Day

Adopt a water place

Take responsibility for a water place in your community and take action to keep the water and surroundings clean. To join a programme that will support you, check out:

Water wise action

Do a family water audit to see how water-wise you are around your home. Then implement a plan to encourage people to conserve water, either in your home, at school, or in your community.

Be informed

Learn more about a water issue in your community. Invite an expert to speak to your class or arrange to interview them. Prepare the questions you would like to ask them.