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The Water Matters Connection has four student-friendly educational sections. These provide a stimulating way to explore the issue of sustainable access to enough, safe water. Read the information below to start planning an exciting learning adventure.

Abida's world  Connect Niger  Water matters  Take action

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The Water Matters Connection teacher instructions pdf provides more details for using the interactive elements of the website.
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Abida's world
Focus: Learn about life in Niger by meeting Abida's family, exploring her village and reading information about her country.
Activities: Read family member profiles, view photo albums, do photo puzzles, explore the village map, play ‘I spy' with Abida, send Abida and Noura postcards *, complete quizzes based on information pages.

Connect Niger
Focus: Take a virtual field trip to Niger and connect with Jonathan, Brandon and Kimberley, three kiwi young people living there.
Activities: Read their online postcards from Niger, send them postcards via the internet, and ask questions and receive answers during Term 1 and 2, 2007.

Water matters
Focus: Explore water-related issues
Activities: Read information pages, choose and print off a quest to explore the issues further, vote in the related opinion polls.

Take action
Focus: Provide opportunities to combine learning with social action on water issues in your local community or places overseas.
Activities: Decide from a springboard of ideas that include fundraising and advocacy options.